Collective Efforts: A Reverse Chronological Perspective

Collective Efforts: A Reverse Chronological Perspective

2010- Freezing World:

I eagerly awaited what now seems to be the final LP release from Collective Efforts- a soulful, mourning plea for comprehension: things change, and with change should come growth, understanding. Each individual has a responsibility to themselves, to others, and to the world. Change is a necessity and is best handled consciously.



A cardboard gatefold appearing to be made of unbleached paper. There was a graphic representation of an assortment of Tai Chi movements- The CD includes a note of instruction to listen to the disc every day to relieve stress and develop a more positive outlook on life. The vibe is copacetic, in a no-hurry enjoyment of their craft.


Trail Mix:

A few collabs in this one. There is a recognition of their purpose, their plans and affirmations of values. Motivational and pleasing to listen to.


Higher We Rise b/w Another Soulful Song


Thumbing through a second-hand vinyl bin at a small thrift store I see a lovely orange jacket with a hand-drawn rendition of a man with his palm open and held out to the viewer. I knew I found a keeper in the selection. I took it home and was captivated by the track ‘Higher We Rise’- an almost unknown blend of optimism and determination- a true example of being on the path, a conscious acceptance of their involvement in their journey.

Honorable mention: A Vision of Things to Come




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