SOM Footwear Review: “Thumbs Up.”

SOM Footwear Review: “Thumbs Up.”

I knew I wanted to get a pair of shoes that had minimal influence on my feet and that encourage my feet to be strong and have an unrestricted range of motion. I found what I was looking for with these shoes from Sense of Motion footwear. Some of the features that sounded good before I bought this pair was the “zero-drop” heel (read: no foot slant) very lightweight (the design I have is 9.4 ounces per shoe) and, in a class all it’s own, no gaudy logos or flashy presentation. Especially if you like going barefoot, you may like these shoes.

A while before I bought these shoes, I had a foot doctor tell me I have a type of tendinitis near my heel. I was sold a pair of 3/4 insoles; but since I have been wearing these shoes and been a bit more conscious of my posture I have had very little discomfort. The foot pain I had for 2 years or more was the main reason I was looking for shoes like this. Big ups, Sense of Motion!

I had to mail order the shoes, so when they arrived (very quickly, to my satisfaction) The packaging was minimal; a few pretty pieces of tissue paper, a pamphlet and my order receipt in a cardboard box. I commend the producers for their choice of “less is more” when it comes to design and packaging.

As far as fit goes, there was zero break-in time, they were comfortable right from the start. There are no annoying squeaks from the sole, another plus. I have had much less foot fatigue wearing these than with my old pair of low-tops and often choose to wear them most of the day.

With these shoes, you will notice the front is much wider than a typical shoe. I was a bit self-conscious for a day or two, since the culture I am part of has emphasized fashion and looking my ‘best’ since day one. Anyway, the roomy toe box (to borrow SOM’s term) is really only noticeable from the top of the shoes, so I think only the person wearing them will notice it.

I chose the single color. They have two-tones and such but I like the basic look of this pair. These shoes are constructed from Cordura fabric and leather with a Vibram Sole.

I don’t know how well they will hold up since I’ve only had them for 1 month as of this writing.  I haven’t noticed any strange wear or tear, and the shoes are advertised as being glued AND stitched for longevity.

UPDATE: I’ve had the shoes about 4 months now, and they are holding up great. I took the sneakers to a shoe repair shop and asked the opinion of the manager there. He said everything he saw on the shoe was well made, and the price I paid was a good value.

These shoes are manufactured in Colorado, USA. They are not cheap if you are used to most sneakers, but I believe I spent my money wisely. A lot of comfort, much less foot pain, I’m not a walking advertisement and I’m supporting the local(ish) economy.

Sense of Motion footwear website:

or, secure:

Also, I like that SOM makes doggie chew toys from the scrap sole material. That’s cool.

SOM (2)

SOM (3)

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One thought on “SOM Footwear Review: “Thumbs Up.”

  1. I bought a pair of the Norwoods on launch. These fit well, but are not as comfortable as the ones I reviewed above (but are still comfortable and probably lighter.) They also are of vegan construction.

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