Days of War, Nights of Love. (PDF)

Days of War, Nights of Love. (PDF)

Days of War, Nights of Love is an artistic manifesto from the folks at CrimethInc., the “Ex-Workers collective”

Anyone interested in Graphic Design, The philosophy of Self-over-Civilization, contemporary “me first” Anarchy (societal organizers need not apply: this book was more for living a worthwhile life, not fighting endlessly for some stone-carved cause) or just to see what the cool kids were up to around 2001 C.E. this book is for you. Don’t worry, its only 47 megs of your internet life through the tubes.

I am posting this because it seems to have disappeared from the website and this is the reason they came online in people’s minds. Cheers, Crimethinc.

Another article of note is: “Why We Don’t Make Demands.” This is about the widespread protests that are happening that happened and why it is a bad idea for groups to make demands.

crimethinc – Days of War, Nights of Love.pdf

If you want to order a printed copy, this link will take you directly to CrimethINC’s order page. This is one of those books that I really enjoy owning, because it is so beautiful and well-made.


2 thoughts on “Days of War, Nights of Love. (PDF)

  1. There’s a lot of talk among anarchist theorists around “mutualism.”
    What mutualism is, is everyone benefits. Different strains of social organisms can ALL benefit by working together in harmony. This is the predominant reason that theorists give for people to adopt the Anarchism concept.

    What these mutualists are trying to offset is, is “parasitism”— where an unneeded (unnoticed?) tick rides on the back of the innocent masses, slurping up all the nutrition, and money, and power it wants from the host…

    What these idealistic anarchists fail to tell us is that there is another concept to name – “COMMENSALISM.” This translates to “dining at the same table.” Essentially, different social organisms LEAVE EACH OTHER ALONE, and they benefit because nobody tries to harm one another. They just get along.

    I think this COMMENSALISM idea is worth considering.

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